Cyberfantasy Microscope

Great War Merger

Great War Event

JP Morgan, Jr (in his role as the sole supplier of munitions to France and Britain) joins forces with his friend Nicola Tesla to complete the takeover of General Electric (formed by JP’s father, JP Morgan, Sr., through the mergers of Edison Electric and lesser rivals) by Tesla Energy. This allows Nicola to once and for all crush Tesla’s one-time mentor, employer, and finally rival (Thomas Edison). Now as an employee of Tesla Energy, the scientific adviser to the United States military (again, Thomas Edison) is required to back Nicola’s insane plan to build remote-controlled submarines for the Navy. Edison fulfills his employment requirements and recommends the plan. Tesla Arms gains the sole contract to produce military drones. Despite not seeing actual combat during the war, the rushed prototypes offer hope to the Europeans that the United States has an answer to the German U-Boats.


PolarSleuth PolarSleuth

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