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Japan is sunk in an economic slump that has been compounded by its falling population. World experience shows that when women become more educated, they have fewer children; and, when they have ready access to birth control, they have fewer children. The laudable goal of having women better able to prepare their sons for adult life becomes largely meaningless if women don’t HAVE enough sons in the first place. The government heeds this, and changes education policy: girls are to go to separate schools and will no longer be eligible for college. Preparing them for jobs is a waste of money; they need to be raising sons. The female schools will instead prepare them for what they actually need to know — home economics and cooking. All forms of birth control other than condoms are banned since birth control cannot halt the transmission of STDs. Abortions are restricted medical necessity and limited cases of rape and incest. Women can be arrested and charged with felony crimes for miscarriages, stillbirths, and doing anything which may endanger a male fetus.


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