Cyberfantasy Microscope

Woman's Work

Revenge, Reconstruction, and Eugenics Event

Tesla Arms, discovering they need people to “program” their switching stations, seeks out the granddaughter of Ada Lovelace (who was the world’s first programmer). Her granddaughter, Judith Blunt-Lytton, is in the middle of a legal battle over her grandmother’s estate and her aunt’s prized horses with her heavily mortgaged father, Wilfrid. Every time Wilfred gains temporary custody over the horses or estate, he sells everything he legally can. Judith then spends whatever money she can scrape together to buy the portions back. As the legal costs mount, the Tesla Arms’ deal seems to be a life saver to Judith. She enlists her social circle and the Ladies of England engage in programming. This forever marks computer programming as “woman’s work.”


PolarSleuth PolarSleuth

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