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Steady increase in magic and corporate power comes at the expense of environmental degradation and erosion of personal rights.


Racism, Racial Profiling, and Sexism — yes

Extreme income inequality — yes

Drones, privatization of public organizations, and private armies — yes

Rising Puritanism — yes

Public police forces use civil forfeiture on property and people — yes

Humans mostly retain control — yes

Police and courts support the wealthy and corporations over everyone else — yes

Desire to escape into alternate realities/to control human perceptions — yes

Local governments track, fine and jail the poor — yes

Crime syndicates and organized crime — yes

The wealthy desire to be free of the poor and reliance on anyone else — yes

Terrorists, revolutionists, unionist, radical ‘religions’, and/or gangs arise in every urban poor area — yes

Turn 1

Focus: Discovery of Magic

Main Page

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