Cyberfantasy Microscope

Cambodian Fire

Magic Arrives Event

During an anti-orc riot in the village of Samrong, Cambodia, the child-soldiers had pressed the orcs into the dock areas. Amongst the wooden piers and junks, the child-soldiers were ordered to open fire. Instead of hundreds of dead orcs, a major explosion burned much of the port and then spread into the heart of Samrong. Investigators discover that many of the orcs did not die from gunshot wounds, instead most were victims of some sort of ritual sacrifice. Their abdomens had been sliced open and their hearts extracted. “Fire” in Khmer was written in blood on the chests of the sacrifices, and none of the victims showed signs of being touch by the fire. Superstitions about ancient blood magics roared back to life.


PolarSleuth PolarSleuth

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