Cyberfantasy Microscope

Global Trade Pact


Weak governments are forced to sign the most abusive of trade treaties. The megacorps are the sole authority to police trade, industrial espionage, corporate currency manipulation, intellectual property, corporate labor practices, and environmental usage. Anyone with enough money is free of local laws and can pretty much do as they please – it is a free-wheeling society. Those without immense wealth are free of union, insurance, medical, and wage restrictions – finally they are free to achieve the earnings the megacorps feel they deserve. Pollution is rampant, and poverty is crushing.

The merchant 1% has won against the 99%. While there are a few people who stand up against the abuses, they are rare. While there are a few places where nature is winning, they are rare. There a few, hidden enclaves where the aristocrats of old still hold sway even as they stare at the bleakness about them.


PolarSleuth PolarSleuth

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